Ready To Meet Me

Please read my website before booking. So that we are both on the same page. International clients please email me.Thank you.


All information is destroy after our appointment. 

You can also email me your screening information. 

New Friends:

I do ask for a photo ID for screening purposes. I will be the only person who will see your information. It will be destroyed after our appointment.

I have three screening options​.

​1: Two or Three Provider References. I will need the providers name, phone number,or email. As well as website or link to twitter page.

2: Employment Verification: Company website address,Work email,phone number and extension,link to Linkedln page. I'm very discreet when doing employment verification. 

Option 3: Pre-Discussion $100 in public for 30 minutes. This fee is for my time it doesn't go towards booking a consultation.Please put the consultation fee in a book, birthday or thank you card, or a gift bag.

Traveling and International Client

I will need a picture of your boarding pass and a photo ID of you.

I'm also willing to sign a Non Disclosure Form if that is need it.

Just as you require discretion I also require discretion. My twitter and instagram account can attest to my realness.