Manners, Respect, and Communication

                                       Are expected during any and all interactions.

​                                  All forms must be filled out honestly and completely. 


Please be fresh and clean for our appointment. As I will be freshly shower. If you do need to take a shower please let me know. I would rather you take a shower then having to ask you.


I don't participate in review culture. I believe that our time is private and shouldn't be share in public.


Your deposit goes toward your appointment and holds your appointment. Deposits are non-refundable. 

All new friends are required to pay 50% deposit. Returning friends require a 25% deposit for consultation under four hours and 50% for consultation over four hours.Deposit can be made through cash app or I don't accept paypal or credit cards.

                                                           Cancellation/Refund Policy

I do require a seven day notice for

cancellation. Same day appointment can reschedule their appointment within seven days with the same deposit. I will allow one reschedule for the deposit you have made if I have been given a seven day notice. You will need to reschedule within thirty days. Should you have to cancel a date which no deposit was given a 25% cancellation fee is required.If I have to cancel a full refund will be given or I can reschedule your appointment.