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~ Etiquette ~


Please leave my payment discreetly on the dresser upon your arrival or my arrival in a envelope. If meeting in public please have it place discreetly in a gift bag or a birthday card. It's never sexy to have to ask!


Please be showered within the hour prior before our appointment, as will I be.
If you do need to take a shower, please let me know. You are very welcome to shower at my incall; I appreciate you doing so on your own accord upon arrival, rather than me needing to ask you.


Your deposit holds your appointment, and is deducted from the donation of our date. All friends are required to pay 50% deposit. Deposits can be made through Googlepay, Amazon GC or Vanilla Visa GC. I can only take 7 days in advance of our date to make sure that it has gone through. I will not accept payment via Paypal or credit cards.


Deposits are non-refundable.
I will allow one reschedule for the deposit you have made, if I have been given a 72 hour notice of your cancellation. You will have  seven days to reschedule with that deposit.
Should you have to cancel a date or no show for a date in which no deposit was given a 25% cancellation fee is required. In the unlikely event of myself cancelling our date, your choice of either a full refund or an alternative day and time will be given.


I don't participate in review culture. I believe that our time is private and should be kept between us. Please respect my wishes in refraining from writing any reviews or details of our intimate time online. If I find that you have written a review I will no longer take date request from you.

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